The aim of SNURC, according to 5 years scheduled strategic program, is to prevent and improve care and outcome of renal disease globally. In addition, to gain the Middle East leadership in renal medicine by conducting research projects and training research manpower in the field of preventive, basic, and applied-nephrology as well as urology in Iran.

To reach the above mentioned objectives, it is imperative.
1-To improve and use the human knowledge in the field of nephro-urology.
2- To train needed research manpower in the field of renal disease and preventive medicine.
3-To direct research projects in basic science related to renal medicine.
4- To find out priorities in the field of renal disease in southern of Iran.
5-To carry out applied clinical trials in field of nephrology to find out the best modalities of prevention and treatment of renal diseases.
6- Cooperation with other Research Centers in our university, and the other universities as well as in Iran and abroad considering rules the regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.
7-To direct basic researches with cooperation of drug manufacturing companies to improve the treatments in renal patients.
8- To direct basic researches with cooperation of companies manufacturing instruments for Nephro-Urology medicine.
9- To direct basic and applied and experimental researches in herbal and traditional medicine which is already done in the field of Nephro-Urology
10-to direct and teach (students, externs, interns residents and fellows) trainees of Shiraz University of medical sciences to carry out researches in the field of Nephro-Urology
11- To establish student affinity groups
12- Cooperation with renal disease association and special disease foundation for prevention and treatment of renal diseases. 
Also, to comply with the 5 years strategic program of SNURC, we have already established ties with other active researchers in the field of nephrology, urology and preventive medicine and this has led to establishment of different scientific committees in SNURC that each has 6-7 members chosen from the active scientists in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz University and agricultural Research Center in the Fars Province. In this regard, following committees has been established in SNURC:
1-      Committee for Basic Sciences researches.
2-      Committee of Applied Nephrology and Urology researches.
3-      Committee for Epidemiologic Studies.
4-      Fellowships and Residents Affinity Group.
5-      Students Affinity Group.
6-      Herbal and Traditional medicine Study Group.
7- clinical trial group which is in process of establishment.
To succeed in our mission it is imperative to have close cooperation with all other research centers, pharmaceutical and medical facilities manufacturing companies, as well as national and international organization that have similar interest in renal medicine. At present, we have established a national written cooperation treaty with Shahid Beheshti Nephro-Urology Research Center in Tehran, Iran, also an approved Sister Center relationship with Renal Division of Department of Medicine of St. Louis University in Missouri, USA
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