Research Interests

1-Acute and chronic Renal disease (CKD)
1-1-Epiemiologic studies in CKD prevalence in fars province
1-2-Epidemiologic study in CKD incidence
1-3-drugs & proteinuria
1-4-supplements & dialysis patients
1-5-quality of life in patients with CKD
1-6-Pathologic study in cell markers & their importance in diagnosis
1-7-Vaccination & Dialysis
2-obstructive Uropathy 
2-1-Epidemiologic study in urinary tract cancers
2-2-laboratory study in urinary tract cancers
2-3- laboratory study in urinary tract disease
3-Complementary & alternative medicine in kidney & Urinary tract disease
3-1-laboratory study in herbal drugs effects (such as turmeric) in Renal function
3-2-Herbal drugs effects in Renal failure symptoms-

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Shiraz Nephro Urology Research Center
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